Agile Software Development

SimonComputing was born from a desire to simplify software development. That led us to utilize Agile development from our inception in 2002. Agile software development has been an integral part of our pursuit to distill our processes to its essence.

This effort continues at our Technology Innovations Lab where we continually refine our process by drawing from multiple Agile disciplines. These disciplines include Lean Software, Google Venture’s Design Sprint and the Digital Services Playbook. The result is a process for efficiently understanding the customer’s need and building applications with simple, easy to maintain designs.

We use a curated suite of open source tools that both private industry and government are converging on including: React, Redux, TypeScript/JavaScript, SpringBoot, Java, JPA/Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Visual Studio Code and Eclipse.

We successfully deliver multiple applications a year, covering a wide range of applications including:

  1. Large system modernizations
  2. Public and private facing web applications
  3. Native iOS and Android mobile applications
  4. Integration of any hardware device that provides a software interface including cameras, 10 print fingerprint scanners, e-Passport readers, and RFID.

Our experience spans over 15+ years of successfully delivered mission critical systems from inspections systems at the border to public facing web applications that serve trusted traveler programs for international traveler.

Deployed on the Cloud

We fully automate the creation of your cloud environment from the ground up, and help your organization transition existing systems to the cloud environment. We bring the best practices for organizing your cloud environment as well as establish a continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline so that your applications benefit from automated tests and code scans.

The tools we use for cloud automation include:

  1. Amazon Web Service
  2. CloudFormation
  3. Kubernetes (OpenShift, Rancher)
  4. Helm
  5. Python
  6. Jenkins
  7. SonarQube
  8. Git/GitLab/GitHub
  9. ElasticSearch/FluentD/Kibana (EFK)
  10. Prometheus - Kubernetes Monitoring

Cyber Security

SimonComputing has had an ongoing role in cyber security since its inception. The majority of the applications we build are law enforcement sensitive systems which have stringent security and privacy requirements. We shepherd our systems through rigorous application design reviews, audits and penetration tests to make sure that our systems are secure.

We’ve been the early adopters for end-to-end application encryption, various single-sign-on approaches, and advanced auditing techniques.

That work goes on today at CBP with the design and implementation of their Identity, Credential, & Access Management (ICAM) system. We analyze security in existing systems and work with the ICAM team to design the next generation authentication and authorization system.