Software Systems

We build large IT systems and support the entire process of delivering, managing and securing those systems from inception to delivery. We successfully deliver new and modernized software systems year after year doing everything we can to create oustanding results. These systems can be seen in use at every port of entry into the United States.

We build biometrics and special devices into our applications including cameras, 10 print fingerprint scanners, e-Passport readers, and RFID.

Our experience spans over a decade of successfully delivered mission critical systems. They can be seen in use at every port of entry into the United States. Our web applications are used by travelers all over the world.

Cyber Security

SimonComputing has had an ongoing role in cyber security since its inception. The majority of the applications we build are law enforcement sensitive systems which have stringent security and privacy requirements. We shepherd our systems through rigorous application design reviews, audits and penetration tests to make sure that our systems are secure.

We’ve been the early adopters for end-to-end application encryption, various single-sign-on approaches, and advanced auditing techniques.

That work goes on today at CBP with the design and implementation of their Identity, Credential, & Access Management (ICAM) system. We analyze security in existing systems and work with the ICAM team to design the next generation authentication and authorization system.

Our Approach

We define our success around a few basic goals:

We get our team rowing in the same direction by aligning them to these goals. We are successful when our clients are successful.