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Passport Scanning Simplified.

Turn your smart phone into a passport scanner with XavierTM for iOS and Android devices - the simple way to accurately capture biographic data from a passport's MRZ for use in your mobile applications.

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The XavierTM SDK is now available on GitHub for iOS and Android.

What is Xavier?

Xavier is a software component sold as a software development kit (SDK).

It uses the camera on your phone for scanning. No extra equipment is required.

The Xavier engine captures and extracts biographic data from the machine-readable zone (MRZ) embedded in travel documents.

Within seconds, it returns that data as plain text or an XML parsed field list for use by your applications. The video shows how quickly this process runs.

Xavier scans any ICAO-compliant travel document including:

  • Passports
  • Visas
  • Border Crossing Cards
  • Enhanced Driver's Licenses

How would I use Xavier?

Xavier benefits any application that relies on biographic data from travel documents. It is a cost-effective way to add travel document scanning to your mobile applications while reducing your development costs.

  • Trusted Traveler Enrollment Applications
  • Self-service processing through passport control checks
  • Border Crossing Inspections
  • Roving Inspection Applications

The video shows a traveler inspection workflow that uses the Xavier software component to capture the MRZ.

How does Xavier work?


Designed for Android and iOS smart phones and tablets.

Find & Focus

Engages the phone's camera to find, frame, focus and scan the MRZ automatically - reducing "backgroud noise" for fast capture the first time.

It's like "point and click" without the click.

Xavier MRZ screenshot
Image QA/
Superior Accuracy

Patent-pending image capture and analysis processes achieve OCR accuracy superior to a flatbed or swipe reader.

OCR Optimization

Streamlined OCR analysis process reduces CPU and memory resource requirements, and automatically mitigates common errors experienced on ICAO documents. This allows for more accurate scans with less power drain.

Intelligent Parsing

Intelligent parsing integrated into the Xavier software component increases the speed with which parsed data can be produced from the MRZ.

Xavier XML screenshot
Xavier XML screenshot
Xavier XML screenshot
Xavier XML screenshot
Customizable View Screen

Customizable view screens allow you to create the look and feel you want for your Xavier presentation.

Inherent Progression

Inherent progression of Xavier is assured by the massive R&D investments of mobile device manufacturers.

As the performance of the device's camera improves, so does Xavier.

As the device CPU and memory improve, the speed and reliability of Xavier improve.


Because Xavier is software-based, updates and enhancements are easily accomplished:

  • Optimized with each upgrade in the device
  • Upgrades easily pushed out to the end user, avoiding expensive replacement costs required by hardware-based scanners
  • Easily modified to accommodate emerging technologies and use cases
Easy To Integrate

Sample source code included with the SDK guides your in-house developers in integrating Xavier with your existing applications - saves development cost and speeds up delivery of new applications.

Learn More About Xavier

To find out more about Xavier, request a demo, or to order the Xavier SDK, please call or email SimonComputing, Inc.

Phone: 703-914-5454

Email: xavier@simoncomputing.com

GitHub: https://github.com/simoncomputing/Public-Xavier-Android-Eval-SDK

Genesis of Xavier - SimonComputing, Inc.

Xavier evolved from SimonComputing's deep knowledge and insights into traveler inspection systems gleaned from 13 years of developing simple, straightforward software solutions for DHS Customs and Border Protections (CBP).

The firm provides trusted advisors to CBP's biometric, mobility, and systems modernization efforts through its consulting services. We also develop licensable component-based modules that fit easily into diverse systems/applications and that reduce development costs for our clients.